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? Become a Strength & Sport Conditioning Specialist: study ?% online thanks to videos and get certified. Sign up now and get started!

?Study material: 20 videos lectures, 200 training example videos, interactiv quizzes, theoretical lessons & final exam.

Very easy & understandable thanks to dynamic videos

Upgrade your Curriculum with a SSCS Certificate delivered by a school located in Miami Beach.

➡ Study program, 10 chapters:

1⃣ Strength & Conditioning Principles            2⃣ Strength Development

3⃣ Speed Development                                     4⃣ Endurance Development

5⃣ Flexibility Development                                6⃣ Testing

7⃣ Injury, Recovery & Rehabilitation                8⃣ Weightlifting & Strength Conditioning

9⃣ Periodization                                                   ? Athlete's Food

? Benefit from our expertise and learn more about theory : physiology, muscle training methods, aerobic methods and food principles...

? You study to become a real professional : focus on athletes'goals, organize periodization, training session and adpat it, material and tool to use and manage testing... So you will be ready for the job!

✅  What's great?

  • Sign in and begin directly
  • Study when ever you want, 100% online videos courses
  • Get multiple chances to pass your exam
  • No limited duration for your certification
  • Study a theme you can use all over the world
  • enjoy good quality study material with multiple pedagogic entrys
  • all vidéos contain subtitles

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