SSCS Training has launched its BPJEPS AF Mention B 100% training in E learning.

In recent years, the fitness sector has experienced a spectacular rise in France. After a temporary closure due to the Covid crisis, sports halls are now welcoming more and more athletes: according to a Xerfi study, their turnover will increase by 55% in 2022.

The professions of sports educator, personal trainer and coach are therefore on the rise today: many positions are to be filled throughout France.

It is to allow sports enthusiasts to train in these professions in complete freedom that the SSCS Training school has launched its BPJEPS AF Mention B 100% training in E learning.
The training, which is the only online course to lead to a state sports instructor diploma, begins on September 8, 2022.

The BPJEPS AF mention B: sports instructor training specializing in bodybuilding and cardio

The BPJEPS (Professional Certificate for Youth, Popular Education and Sport) is a level 4 professional diploma delivered by the State.

SSCS Training trains BPJEPS AF mention B, which allows you to work as a sports instructor specializing in weightlifting and bodybuilding. Graduates learn to coach, support, and create personality programs and circuits in bodybuilding-cardio.

The diploma offers many opportunities. Graduates can work in sports centers and private structures, in sports associations and clubs, and in the sports department of municipalities. They can also become self-employed and offer their clients personalized coaching services.

Who can train?

The training is aimed both at sports enthusiasts who want to make it their career, and at sports professionals who want to gain qualification and legitimacy.

To register for the training, you must be at least 18 years old, have PSC1 first aid training (or equivalent), and have a medical certificate.

You must also pass the required technical tests prior to entering training. These are official and mandatory physical tests organized by the DRJSCS (Youth and Sport): Luc Léger's endurance test and a technical demonstration test consisting of squats, pull-ups and bench presses.

Training program

Lasting ten months, the training course includes 445 hours of online training and 155 hours of training in a reception structure. It is made up of four units:

  • UC1 - Supervise all audiences in any place and any structure
  • UC2 - Implement an animation project as part of the structure's project
  • UC3 - Conduct a session, a cycle of animation or learning of the mention
  • UC4 - Use mention techniques to implement a session, an animation or learning cycle.

At the end of the training program, graduates will be experts in training management and performance monitoring. They will be able to lead and teach to all types of audiences, and design and lead a sports project.

Additional training

  • Preparing for the BPJEPS . This BPJEPS AF preparation training takes place entirely online. It is intended for those who need a refresher before registering for training at BPJEPS. It covers different themes: anatomy and gestural repertoire, training physiology, session management, bodybuilding methods and principles, the basics of cardio training, typical sessions, and the BPJEPS prerequisite tests.
  • Specialization training: fitness trainer or sports nutrition diploma . These two diplomas allow you to go further, in the field of physical preparation (development of strength, speed, endurance and flexibility, re-athletics, etc.) or sports nutrition (carbohydrates and lipids, nutrients and minerals, nutrition during competition, etc.).

The strengths of BPJEPS AF training from SSCS Training

  • A unique training in France . SSCS Training training is the only online training for the profession of state-certified sports instructor in France.
  • Flexible training . The training takes place mainly online, and can easily be reconciled with family and professional constraints. Trainees can access course videos and materials whenever and wherever they want, from any digital medium.
  • Monitoring and responsiveness . The SSCS Training team responds quickly to requests from trainees, who benefit from real monitoring throughout the ten months of training.
  • High quality educational content . SSCS Training offers high quality training, designed by professionals. Clear and attractive, the videos take a “field” approach which makes it easier to remember. BPJEPS AF training also offers tips from field experts and academics. The contents are regularly updated.

SSCS Training: the specialist in online qualifying training in the fields of sport and well-being

Since 2018, SSCS Training (Strength & Sport Conditioning Training) has offered distance training allowing you to obtain numerous quality diplomas and certifications. Its catalog is made up of nearly 40 training courses, including Pilates teacher, mental trainer, yoga teacher, fitness club manager, posturology and sport, sports dietetics and even sports massage.

SSCS Training trainers are experts and high-level athletes, all of whom have already helped recognized athletes achieve their goals.