Frequently Asked Questions

Find below all the elements that can help you in your decision and learn more about our training and diplomas.
Is the training 100% online?

Yes, everything takes place online from a training platform: access to training videos, written courses, end-of-chapter evaluations, and the final evaluation. Weekly follow-up appointments also take place online, in the form of videoconferences.

Is there any follow-up?

Several forms of monitoring are organized:

  • A “new members” meeting in the form of videoconference, to welcome each new student in training
  • An answer to questions by email or via Messenger guaranteed within the day
Is there contact with an interlocutor?

There may be contact every day by email or messenger with our team. There can also be an individual meeting by videoconference every week with our representatives.

Is there a start date?

One principle: zero constraints! Access to the training platform and personalized monitoring is immediate upon registration. Then, everyone trains at their own pace. It is therefore possible to take breaks or, on the contrary, to move forward very quickly. On average, our members complete the training in 4 months. Some take their time and finish in 8, 10 or 18 months... others go very quickly and validate in just a few weeks!

Once we receive the content, does it definitely belong to us?

Access to the training platform is valid for life. It is thus possible to continue to benefit from current educational content (videos, written courses, quizzes, etc.) and, at no additional cost, to benefit from new videos regularly posted online, which allows you to extend your continuing education!

What is the training worth compared to a Master Training or a DU or a BP or a CQP?

It is not university training, but hyper-specialized professional training. The BPJEPS & CQP allow you to know how to supervise and lead sessions. Our courses then provide advanced specializations. Training for the Physical Preparation diploma is focused on the field and our experts transmit their tools, methods, principles, tips... which work and are effective to optimize the monitoring of athletes.

The price of the Physical Trainer Diploma training?

The price of the training is €899.

Is the training covered by the FIFPL?

The SSCS Training school is Datadocked & Qualiopi certified, which allows reimbursement of training by OPCOs (FIFPL, AGEFICE, etc.) for the self-employed, but also for employers (AFDAS, UNIFORMATION, etc.). It simply involves sending us a request by email with the name, first name, email, telephone number, course chosen for the future student and, if necessary, the employer's contact details. We then send a personalized quote. As soon as the quote is validated by the OPCO, you must validate the registration to begin. At the end of the training, the OPCO reimburses the cost of the training.

Is the training eligible for the CPF?

CPF funding unfortunately does not work for these 100% online training courses.

Is the training in French?

The different courses are in French. For the Physical Trainer Diploma training, the video conferences are either in French or in English with French subtitles. The written courses, video examples of sessions and quizzes are directly in French.

I would like to subscribe to training but I am very busy at this time, I wanted to know if there is a deadline to complete the training or if we can take 1 and a half years if necessary?

One principle: zero constraints! Everyone trains at their own pace. It is therefore possible to take breaks or, on the contrary, to move forward very quickly. On average, our members complete the training in 4 months. Some take their time and finish in 8, 10 or 18 months... others go very quickly and validate in just a few weeks!

Do the training give the right to equivalences?

Our courses firstly allow you to gain professionalism and move to the next level! This is the primary objective. Train to grow! Diplomas enhance the career path. They do not lead to possible equivalences, but rather accelerate opportunities!

Can we take the training in a center (face-to-face)?

Everything takes place 100% online in the form of videos, written courses, interactive quizzes & video-conference support. It's about having a smartphone or a tablet or a computer... and attention!

Do you offer BPJEPS training?

We do not offer face-to-face training. The BPJEPS does not currently exist in e-learning form.

Can I train at any time of the day?

Yes, it’s definitely training in complete freedom! It is possible to access the training platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The diplomas
Is the Physical Trainer Diploma open to everyone?

The training is open to all those who have a first sports diploma and who supervise practitioners. Sports coaches, personal trainers, football coaches, gym, tennis... Martial Arts instructors, judo teachers... physical trainers, physiotherapists... or students in BPJPEPS, STAPS training, physiotherapy schools. The principle is simple: do you already support practitioners or are able to do so and want to boost your knowledge in physical preparation? you are then welcome to training!

For candidates with no training in the sports field, the first level of training is recommended: The Initiator Certificate in Sports Training.

Is it possible to do this outside mainland France?

Yes, we are lucky to support students from all over the world!

All you need is an internet connection, and a computer or smartphone or tablet. You also need to know how to use IT tools.

After passing the final exam, do I retain my access to the written courses?

Access to the training platform is valid for life, even after obtaining your diplomas. All content remains accessible. Better: new content (writings, tools and especially training videos) are added. This allows you to extend your training (for free) throughout your life!

Is the diploma recognized by the State?

It is not a state diploma recognized by the RNCP and allowing the issuance of a professional card, but a school diploma, recognized in particular thanks to the expertise of the trainers, the quality of the training content, and the valorization of the CV thanks to the wording "Physical Trainer Diploma", simple and effective to guide your career path.

The SSCS Training school is recognized as a “National Quality Standard” by AFNOR following an audit, Datadocked & QUALIOPI certified.

Is the diploma valued by fitness structures?

The coaches who supervise in the fitness room give a strong orientation to their CV and their development within a club or group of clubs by providing a higher level in Physical Preparation, Sports Dietetics, Posturology, Management, Yoga, etc. The credibility of the journey and knowledge create opportunities!

Is it targeted at people in good physical condition?

As the training takes place online, there is no prior requirement for good physical condition. However, to master the methods and exercises to be implemented, it is preferable to be able to carry them out in full possession of one's means.

What jobs or activities can we do with this training (DPP)?

The training provides a specialization in Physical Preparation. It allows you to better understand the sessions with current practitioners with methods, principles, tools & knowledge in physical preparation.

Is the diploma legal in Quebec?

Many Canadian students follow the training. The validation of the diploma does not bring new prerogatives specific to Quebec. On the other hand, it is highly valued to display this diploma on the CV in order to open up new opportunities.

Is the diploma sufficient to work as an independent sports coach?

In France, to supervise for remuneration, you need a State or Professional diploma, such as the BPJEPS, CQP, STAPS License. Our training provides specializations. The DPP brings specialization in Physical Preparation to coaches who already have the possibility of working independently or as an employee.

Is this training open to non-graduates in the sports sector?

For candidates with no training in the sports field, the first level of training is recommended: The Initiator Certificate in Sports Training. This training allows you to validate the training project, start building your CV, and get a head start on the rest of the course with complete peace of mind (before a CQP or BPJEPS for example).

How many attempts do we have for the final quiz?

There are as many passages as necessary. When you access the final exam, you have already validated each of the previous chapters. The conditions for success are therefore favorable.

Are videoconferencing and written lessons the same thing?

The written courses follow the framework of the video conference. According to feedback from our members, the ideal organization is to print the written courses, and follow the videos with the written courses in front of you, in order to take notes if necessary and facilitate memorization.

What is the difference between videoconferencing and sample session videos?

The “video conferences” are videos addressing the principles, methods, tips and tools relating to the theme of the chapter. They last on average 20 minutes and are dynamic, illustrated with key words, graphics, videos and supporting images, and provide the educational content "the common thread" of the course.

The video examples of sessions illustrate what is covered in the video conferences. They are sometimes short (1 minute) or longer (15 minutes) depending on the subjects presented. They take place in the field and provide a very concrete overview of scenarios.

What do the diplomas look like?

Our diplomas are magnificent! There is an example of the diploma on the training presentation video. It is also possible to have examples on our Facebook page @sscstraining.

Is it a certificate or a diploma that is issued?

After passing the final exam, a diploma is published and transmitted.

I already have a background with many diplomas, can I have training equivalences?

After registration, there is a training entry and positioning questionnaire regarding the training. This allows us to have all the information to individualize the training, strengthen it or lighten it.

Can we pay by Paypal?

After having entered your details, you need to choose your payment method (1 payment by credit card, 4 payments via Partial Ly, or 1 payment via Paypal). Secure Paypal payment is therefore permitted.

Can I benefit from financial assistance as an employee?

For employees in the sports sector, or other sectors, there may be reimbursement of training (or payment) for training for the employer. You must contact us, we will then draw up the support files in this direction.

How does payment work in 4x?

After clicking on “register” and entering your details, you must click on the “pay in 4 installments free of charge” button. The “Partial Ly” application, a partner of SSCS Training, then completely manages the monthly direct debits, free of charge.

Is payment secure?

Payments are made via the global STRIPE, PAYPAL and PARTIAL LY platforms. Payments are secure and these platforms guarantee reimbursement within 14 days as part of our “satisfied or refunded” policy.

Registration, information, contact & more
Can we contact you by telephone?

We communicate by email & via Messenger and are very responsive! Once a member, we also communicate by videoconferences.

What do you think of the physical preparation bible?

We are convinced of the incredible contribution of this book to the professional physical preparation sector. We are delighted with the training interventions of its co-author, Didier Reiss, for the chapters relating to the development of endurance and flexibility.

Can we connect from abroad?

Yes, it is possible to connect from anywhere in the world.

Once registered, when can I start?

Immediately. There is a first questionnaire to fill out, then you receive access to the training platform by email and can already start watching the training videos. You will then receive an invitation for the welcome videoconference, then for individual follow-up appointments.

Can I download the written lessons?

Yes, the written courses are downloadable. You can save them on your computer & print them if necessary.

Can I access it from my tablet, computer and smartphone?

It is very easy to access the training platform from any screen with an internet connection!

If I register for the dual course, can I start both at the same time?

It's completely free! We recommend starting with the Physical Preparation training before taking advantage of the Sports Dietetics training. But access to the 2 training courses is open upon registration for training. It is therefore possible to switch from one to the other very easily.

Can my employer cover the training?

Yes. Our school is datadocked & Qualiopi certified, which allows training to be financed by OPCOs (organizations collecting and financing professional training). All you have to do is send us by email (contact@sscs.training) your contact details and those of your employers and the chosen courses. We then send the personalized quote for validation.

Do we have to be online certain times?

It is possible to access the training platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! There are therefore no time constraints. For individual follow-up appointments by videoconference, it is up to everyone to choose the appropriate slot from what we offer.

If I sign up this week, could I start in 2 months?

One principle: zero constraints, zero delays. Everyone trains at their own pace. It is therefore possible to take breaks, or on the contrary to take advantage of your availability to move forward quickly at certain times!

Who are the trainers?

The entire team of trainers is presented on the “team” page. Above all, we are passionate about sport and training. All professionals in the sector & education. The common approach is to adopt a “field” entry with a guiding question: “how to do it?” in every situation encountered in activity.