Well-being: to combat the excesses of personal development, SSCS Training offers qualifying distance training courses

Are the French on the verge of burnout?

The figures from the first barometer on mental well-being in business speak for themselves: 1 in 2 employees currently encounter a psychological difficulty and 91% believe that this type of suffering is increasingly widespread at work ( source ).

Beyond their professional environment, they also find themselves immersed in an anxiety-provoking context: after the health crisis, there is now the war in Ukraine, galloping inflation, rising energy prices, the risk of power cuts. gas and electricity, etc.

More than ever, our compatriots are looking for personal development tools to reconnect with well-being. Nearly 1 in 2 of them say they are capable of resigning to have access to opportunities in this direction (source: GoodHabitz Study – State of play of Talent Management – ​​2022).

Indeed, by relying on physical and mental tools, it is possible to benefit from real benefits such as improved self-confidence and creativity, openness to others, the ability to take risks, taking a step back…

A major challenge remains: finding support staff with real skills, in a field where everyone can launch freely. Many “coaches” are content to pass on pseudo-miracle recipes composed of magical thinking and the Coué method, even if it means aggravating the discomfort of the people they are following.

It is to put an end to this situation that SSCS Training is working to professionalize the personal development environment.

In order to guarantee quality support, the school offers all sports enthusiasts excellent distance training, all validated by an online final exam.

Learn to manage stress and emotions to (re)find a smile

  • Currently, 2.5 million employees are in a state of severe burnout ( source );
  • 64% of HR and 44% of managers are in psychological distress ( source );
  • 70% of students are unwell ( source );
  • and the morale of the French continues to decline ( source ).

It’s no surprise then that demand is exploding for personal development techniques. For example, in 2021, book sales in this sector recorded growth of 19.8% according to the National Publishing Union.

Hence the importance of making this market evolve towards ever greater reliability and security. This involves avoiding questionable practices (e.g. the Irène Grosjean affair), sectarian abuses, or the sale of pseudo-techniques based on erroneous beliefs.

SSCS Training therefore offers all athletes, coaches and enthusiasts the opportunity to follow distance and qualifying training in the areas of well-being , from any digital medium.

Train yourself in personal development to better support your well-being

SSCS Training's 100% online training courses allow learners to progress at their own pace, within virtual classes. They also benefit from lifetime access to the platform.

Among the most popular courses, it has 3 ultra-quality courses:

- Personal development coach:

This training allows us to offer personalized support to people wishing to take control of their lives and solve a problem that they cannot resolve independently.

- Sophrology and sport:

Sports sophro-pedagogy is similar to a mental preparation tool available to athletes and the teams around them.

Increasingly recognized, it is based on a 360° approach: the mental preparation of an athlete is not only preparing for a D-day and a T moment, it is also learning to manage his time, his recovery, to register his projects over different times. It’s developing the person AND the player.

- Mental trainer diploma:

Athletes tend to only develop their power, endurance and technique. However, with the aim of optimizing individual or collective performance, it is necessary to ensure the development of mental and cognitive skills .