Beliefs and values

🔸 Beliefs:

We often hear about it. What are beliefs? How can they be limiting?

In fact, beliefs are personal statements that we believe to be true. They concern the perception we have of ourselves, of others and of the world in general. We just have to be aware that the beliefs we have come from our education, from our life, just like values.

They constitute our model of the world but we tend to believe that they are the only ones to exist and not to understand that everyone can have their own beliefs. Our beliefs have a determining influence on our abilities. If you think you can't do something, our skills will be diminished. It is our beliefs that mainly guide our lives


Personal values ​​come from our past life, our education, our experiences, our culture. These values ​​guide us and give meaning to our actions. They are often even the why and how we act. Indeed, we are confronted with our values ​​when our environment confronts us with complicated situations.

Why use values?

Identifying our values ​​allows us to:

- raise awareness and therefore allow you to prioritize your activities and judgments,

- to gain confidence,

- is a good help when we are faced with choices.


You have decided to change careers. But something is holding you back. You are undecided, moving in all directions, you ask yourself the following questions: what will I be able to do? Will I make enough money? Won't I regret it after a few months? Maybe you have a house, children, a good salary, a car to pay off, and all these questions become even more complex. You are thus confronted with one of your values: security. The security of your family life, financial security, the security of your comfort of life. Try to think of a big decision that you had to face. Try to question yourself about why you acted in this or that way.

Your values ​​influence everything about you , such as your beliefs, which can be limiting and prevent you from taking action. To do this, identify your deep values, in order to know what guides you and be aware of it.