How to plan your Mental Preparation follow-ups?

We are always looking for something comforting, something to lean on. Wouldn't the basis already be for the mental trainer to work on his own weaknesses, his self-confidence, his abilities ? Because nothing can really be planned.

Mental preparation is above all an exchange, is above all communication. We can rely on different tools such as sophrology, hypnosis, EFT, NLP , but there is never a right or only one way to act.

Like any physical preparation, you can establish a plan, if that can reassure you or help you in your beginnings. Keep a report of your sessions in order to best plan your next session(s). It often happens that you plan a session, and a problem with your athlete could completely upset it.

However, we can make a program of the qualities we want to work on.

Example: We will see a type of progression from furthest to closest then to post-competition

Phase 1: -manage tension/stress -implement relaxation techniques -learn to listen to and know yourself -sleep management

Phase 2: - Memorization work (technique / anchoring) - Implementation of concentration routines - Implementation of recovery routines - Strengthen motivation

Phase 3: (pre-competition) -Anxiety management -Activation of concentration -Visualization (the location, victory)

Phase 4: (competition) -Develop combativeness -Stress management -Pain management Phase 5: (post-competition) -letting go -managing failure -optimizing recovery

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