Set a goal

Whatever our way of thinking about life, we all set goals: stay on the couch, eat at a fast food restaurant every Saturday night, or get back in shape for the summer. However, in order for an objective to be effective and well implemented, you must set a precise objective .

1. Why set a goal?

We cannot move forward or act without precise intention. Without setting a specific goal to achieve, progress can be up and down.

1) Determining your objectives allows: - to give meaning to your training - to understand the strategy adopted during progression - to surpass yourself by having a goal to achieve

2) Not setting a goal, on the contrary risks leading to: - a drop in motivation - uncertainties in the regularity and completion of training Indeed, who has never experienced a drop in physical intensity or psychological because he had no peaks to climb?

2. How to define a goal?

Medium and long term objectives

We will first approach the definition of objectives in a simple way, which we find in any branch whether it is mental preparation, physical preparation, even in the world of work.

We are going to talk about: SMARTE

Specific: The objective must be formulated in a positive way! ''I don't want to be in pain anymore...'' => ''I want to feel good every day''

Measurable: “I want to earn more money” is not measurable. We can use indicators: physical, emotional or concrete actions that I will take. When I am calm, I will feel good physically, good in my mind, and I will be able to accomplish many things in my life. We use an adverb.

Achievable: On a daily basis? The morning ? For a specific moment? The objective is imagined in a precise context, respectful of those around the sophronicized person.

Realistic: Must be mentally and physically possible for the sophronized person and take into consideration the constraints of reality.

Temporal: Objective defined over time.

Ecology: ecology and economics. Is this objective good for you and those around you, and will it not handicap you economically?

Do you want to know more about this? I invite you to click here: https://youtu.be/Fr6vrJrB9Ck

See you soon !