Intermittent fasting by Pierre Dufraisse

Intermittent fasting or fasting is a type of diet which consists of alternating more or less long periods of fasting with periods of food intake.

This alternation between fasting and food intake can bring numerous benefits to health and the figure: regulation of satiety, reduction of fat, cleansing of the body, etc.

Our expert Pierre Dufraisse, naturopath for 8 years, expert trainer for the SSCS Training center (Mastermind program) and individual coaches of amateur and professional athletes : specialization in combat sports (MMA, boxing, judo) and athletics (running on foot, triathlon...) tells you about it in this video:

Video link: https://youtu.be/1P22q2Iq7z0

If you want to know more, SSCS and Pierre Dufraisse offer you “ANTIFRAGILE” training , training that allows you to strengthen your body naturally at all levels (physical, mental, nutrition, emotions, imbalances, etc.)

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