Important changes to the Personal Training Account (CPF) of 2024

We keep you informed of recent developments concerning the Personal Training Account (CPF), a crucial measure for access to professional training in France.

What is the CPF?

The CPF allows each active individual to accumulate training rights throughout their professional life. This offers the possibility of choosing training courses corresponding to your professional needs and objectives. In France, this system was set up with the aim of facilitating access to training throughout professional life, thus offering everyone the opportunity to develop their skills and adapt to changes in the job market. .

New Change: Remaining charge of 100 euros

Until now, training support via the CPF was complete. However, following a recent consultation with the social partners, the government validated the introduction of a remainder of 100 euros from May 1, 2024. This decision marks a turning point in the use of the CPF in France and raises questions about its impact on access to training and financing of professional careers.

This measure aims to encourage beneficiaries to adopt a more responsible approach to professional training while optimizing the use of CPF financial resources.

However, two exceptions are provided for: job seekers and employees whose employer co-finances part of the training project.

Act Now for a Full Refund

If you have training projects, it is crucial to take this new regulation into account. Before May 1st, you still have the possibility of benefiting from a full reimbursement of your training via the CPF. This is therefore the ideal time to plan your training and make full use of your training rights.

To discover our eligible training courses and take full advantage of this opportunity, consult our catalog now:

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