The benefits of sports massage

Sports massage is an “approach” which consists of the application of different techniques . This type of massage is aimed at both high-level athletes and non-professionals, whether occasionally or regularly. The goal is the same: to preserve joint mobility and muscular flexibility while relieving training-related pain in order to stay in the best possible condition before any physical activity and in good health.

So, you may be wondering what the benefits of massage therapy are for you as an athlete ❓

This type of massage is performed deep and includes a range of maneuvers such as myofacial release, trigger points, intramuscular massage, passive mobilizations, stretching, lymphatic drainage and pumping.

✅ The benefits:

  • Reduction in muscle tension: Massage therapy triggers the production of mitochondria. The mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell. This helps your muscles retain enough energy to reduce inflammation. The pain doesn't go away, however, with the right approach you can reduce your pain and keep your muscles healthy.

  • Training preparation and increased performance levels: Therapeutic massage methods for athletes provide maximum relaxation to your mind and body. So your body and mind can achieve the right emotional, physical and psychological state.

  • Reduced pain from overtraining: massage for athletes can help prevent injuries by reducing your pain. Athletes who get massages regularly are also more flexible and agile. The risk of injury is thus considerably reduced. Tight muscles are the cause of most injuries.

  • Increased joint mobility and muscle flexibility: When you do regular massages, blood circulation is significantly improved. By increasing blood flow to muscle tissue and fascia, your mobility and flexibility are doubled. A day or two of massage therapy before a match can do wonders for your performance.

Among the minor but wonderful benefits of massage therapy, we can also cite:

  • Reduction of muscular hypertonia

  • Improved soft tissue functions

  • Less fatigue and muscle stiffness

  • Fewer respiratory rhythm disturbances

  • Less swelling

  • Fewer heart rhythm abnormalities

You can therefore considerably improve your sports performance thanks to massage therapy.  It can boost your recovery times from injuries and release tension and inflammation. 

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