News for the month of June

Our diploma in Fitness Club Management is now eligible for the CPF !
We designed this training for professionals in responsibility in the sports sector, or for those who wish to become one : managers of fitness clubs, managers, educators and sports coaches wishing to progress, students, future creators clubs , etc.

This training can be financed up to 100%, if:

1) You are an employee, thanks to your Personal Training Account, by clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/3vXx4Mj

2) You are independent or manager: thanks to the OPCOs (AFDAS, FIFPL, AGEFICE, etc.) thanks to our QUALIOPI recognition


And since good news never comes alone... We are happy to announce that we have also obtained EREPS certification for our Diploma in Sports Dietetics !


Figures of the month:

2 new training courses:

- Football trainer

Like all sporting disciplines, football also has its particularities which require an in-depth understanding and analysis of them. During this training, you will discover how to turn the football players you support into real high-level athletes !


- “Antifragile” program

Becoming Antifragile, or health through Hormesis, is 4 modules to unlock your greatest potentials: exposure to hot and cold, intermittent fasting, physical exercise, breathing techniques. How to STRENGTHEN your body naturally? At all levels (physical, mental, nutrition, emotions, imbalances...)? This is the challenge of this personal development program of all its potential: BECOME ANTIFRAGILE!



SSCS Training graduates

93 graduates in May!

Article of the month:

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The Top 3 YouTube videos:

The energy needs of sporting activity

The role of the heart


Meeting of the month:

🗓 Friday June 11 at 1 p.m. 🗓 Marion Perrier, our Yoga trainer, will meet you to discover our Yoga Teacher Diploma during a free webinar !

Registration: HERE

The Mastermind:


The Mastermind of Physical Trainers is a community of professionals evolving in the world of sport, determined to achieve excellence .

We support them in this objective for 9 months and on all levels, so that their activity generates more income and freedom than ever.

Join the elite! HERE

The next MPP meeting will take place at Domaine de Luchin . 🤩

Domaine de Luchin