Personal development: communicate better!

Mastering the art of communication is necessary. This allows you to build good social relationships and build a better image with those around you as well as your customers. It is also a way to achieve success in professional life. Note that by being the most eloquent person in society, you also have every chance of having a brilliant career.

There are many tools available to you, here is a list that can help you:

✅ Tool #1: Listen to others speak

This is the first thing to do if you want to learn to express yourself well . You have to be inspired by the best speakers. Listening work is therefore necessary. Opt for ordinary, but very eloquent people who shine in those around them.

✅ Tool #2: Read and research

To express yourself well, you must already enrich your vocabulary . You have to read a lot. It is even recommended to take an interest in different themes. This allows you to enrich each of your conversations with your loved ones or your customers.

✅ Tool No. 3: Dare to speak

If you need to express yourself, you must first speak up and it must be said that this is the most difficult task. To find the perfect timing, you must first pay attention to the conversations. When the subject interests you and suits you, go for it!

🔸 Our little extra:

If you have no communication skills, here are some tips this time given by Kim Bennour,  m indset Trainer*, his job is to train the brain like a sports coach trains the muscles.

* Coach certification:

  • Manager: Krauthammer, Cegos
  • GM/MD: Ingram
  • Coach Of the Year 2013 at INGRAM MICRO
  • June 2015: Winner of the Trophy of Excellence 1st Algerian Economic Forum

Discover the video here: https://youtu.be/J0rmhM0oqto

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