Enriching Dive into Posturology: A look back at the January 13 Seminar

On Saturday January 13, the City of Lights hosted an exceptional day dedicated to discovery and sharing during the Posturology Seminar, the result of a fruitful collaboration between the RNP Lab and the SSCS Training school. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 26 enthusiasts explored the subtleties of posturology, driven by the ardent desire to perfect their understanding of movement and performance.

Sharing between Professionals and Enthusiasts: A
Priceless moment

This day brought together a diverse range of professionals and enthusiasts, including students, trainers, people in retraining, physical and mental trainers, sports coaches, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and many others. 'others. This variety underlines the transversal impact of posturology in fields as varied as they are complementary. The participants expressed their joy at the richness of the exchanges and the sharing of experiences.

Shared Objective: Understand, Exchange, Progress

This day aimed above all to offer participants an in-depth understanding of posturology, with an emphasis on functional neurology applied to movements.
The ultimate goal was to equip each participant with the skills necessary to evaluate, choose exercises and personalize their workouts based on the specific needs of their students, patients or athletes.

Participants' Expectations Exceeded: Discussions, Demonstrations and Practice

What made this day particularly anticipated was the promise of rich exchanges, impactful demonstrations and practical exercises. Participants took full advantage of these moments of interactivity, enlightening demonstrations and practical exercises, thus creating an atmosphere conducive to knowledge sharing and group synergy.


We express our most sincere thanks to the participants for their presence, their enthusiasm and their sharing. Likewise, we salute the valuable collaboration of the RNP Lab and the continued commitment of the SSCS Training team present that day.

Future Outlook

Beyond this day, our commitment to knowledge sharing persists. Stay informed about upcoming physical events by following us on social media! Because even though we operate in the virtual world of online training, we firmly believe in the value of physical sharing.
The Posturology Seminar on January 13 was a chapter rich in exchanges and
learning, but the story continues.

Join us for the rest of the adventure! To find out more about the secrets of posturology applied to athletes, we invite you to contact our training in sports posturology: https://bit.ly/4960bAX