BPJEPS AF, what is it?

The Professional Certificate in Youth, Popular Education and Sport (BPJEPS) is a training course recognized by the French State which allows you to obtain a professional qualification in the field of animation, popular education and sport. The BPJEPS is available in several specialties, including that of Fitness Facilitator (BPJEPS AF).

The BPJEPS AF is a training course that allows future fitness instructors to acquire the skills necessary to design, supervise and lead indoor or outdoor fitness sessions, for all types of audiences. This training also allows you to develop communication, team management and practitioner monitoring skills.

The duration of the training varies depending on the training organization and the pace chosen (full-time, part-time, work-study). In general, the training lasts between 9 and 12 months, with periods of internship in a company.

The prerequisites to register for the BPJEPS AF training are as follows: be at least 18 years old, have a level V diploma (CAP, BEP), hold a PSC1 (Level 1 Prevention and Civic Relief) ) or an equivalent diploma, and have experience in the practice of fitness.

The BPJEPS AF training includes theoretical and practical lessons. Theoretical lessons cover biology, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, communication, psychology and pedagogy. Practical lessons cover the organization of fitness sessions, the safety of practitioners, group management, bodybuilding, cardio-training and aquatic activities.

The BPJEPS AF is a training course that offers numerous professional perspectives. Fitness instructors can practice their profession in sports halls, fitness centers, holiday clubs or sports associations. They can also work as an independent sports coach or from home.

In conclusion, BPJEPS AF is professional training recognized by the French State which allows you to acquire the skills necessary to practice the profession of fitness instructor. This training opens up numerous professional perspectives and offers the possibility of working in various structures.