Mastermind of Physical Trainers - next session in September 2022

The Mastermind of Physical Trainers is a community of professionals evolving in the world of sport, determined to achieve excellence.

The next Mastermind training session begins on September 12, 2022 .
2 possible options:
. 100% e-learning Mastermind
. Mastermind e-learning + 3 face-to-face seminars
What does the e-learning program include?
. Educational content : Mastermind training platform, 10 SSCS Training courses, bi-monthly interventions by experts via videoconferencing
. Weekly support
. Group coaching by videoconference
How do the gatherings take place?
Each seminar takes place over 2.5 days in exceptional locations (INSEP and LOSC training center for the latter for example), led by the program manager, Greg Velu, and several experts.
Who can apply?
Any active sports and health professional who supports athletes and wishes to raise their level . Physical trainer, sports coach, trainer, physiotherapist, mental trainer, kinesiologist...
How to apply?
Complete the form and indicate your contact details to receive a call back or send a request to contact@sscs.training. Possibility of financing up to 100%.
Need more information ?
Contact us on 01 89 16 50 10

Would you like to know more about the benefits and how the group works?
Do you feel ready to experience the year that triggers the turning point in your career ?

So, feel free to submit your application now!







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But actually, who makes up our DREAM TEAM?

Matthew Boule

Specialized in global postural reprogramming, worked with several NHL players

Laurent Tiffounet

Physiotherapist/Osteopath, several seasons with the French Rugby 7s team

Greg Velu

Physical Trainer for 20 years & 3 seasons with the Miami Dolphins (Recovery dept)

Mathieu Bouchard

Founder of the AAT Institute and owner of Nutrition MB ND Naturopath graduated from the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists , CFMP Graduate and practitioner in functional medicine

Nathalie Tiffounet

High Level Mental Trainer

Pierre Dufraisse

Naturopath, researcher in physiology and philosophy of movement, creator of the Youtube channel Vérisme TV

Emma Gomez

Physiotherapist, posturologist, practitioner in integration of archaic and postural reflexes , health through movement

Loan Bouchet

Osteopath-posturologist. Trainer in digital marketing specializing in sports coaching

Cécile Mathieu

Designer of the CIES Teacher Speaker , at the Geneva Posturology Center. Archaic Reflexes Specialist

Jerome Simian

Sports performance specialist, world record holder, owner of Synaptic Athletics, trainer of high-level athletes.

Laurent Buttafoghi

Laurent works at FCG rugby , responsible for the “research-innovation” sector and coordinator of physical preparation for the training sector.

The MPP: a unique community

It's an inspiring community of professionals who push you to fully exploit your potential .

Your MPP member VIP access

By joining the MPP, you become our guest for all SSCS Training school events and training and have access to 10 courses:

› Physical Trainer Diploma,
› Diploma in Sports Dietetics
› Yoga Teacher Diploma
› Diploma in Posturology & Sport
› Initiator Certificate in Sports Training
› Mental Trainer Diploma
› Diploma in Club Management
› Mental Trainer Diploma
› Success Coach Diploma

› Mastermind program

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For any questions, it is with pleasure here: contact@sscstraining.org or on 01 89 16 50 10.

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