TRAINERS | Diploma for High Level Sports Supporters

Jean-Pierre Egger (Training Sponsor)

Olympic trainer , bodybuilding expert, Olympic physical trainer
Marseille, Valérie Adams, French Olympic Basketball Team, Designated best Swiss coach of the last 70 years at the Sports Awards in Zurich in 2020.

Stéphane Fangille (Manager)

For 18 years, I have been a personal trainer, putting my skills and expertise at the service of my clients and my athletes to help them achieve their goals. Holder of a master's degree in STAPS, Nasm Certified and Nasm trainer and Physical Preparation referent at SSCS Training, EBOAS kinesport physical preparation graduate.

As a fitness trainer for 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with high-level athletes in different fields. I participated in the monitoring of professional football players, helping them to improve their physical condition, their rehabilitation and to maximize their performance on the field.

I also worked with the Metz Handball women's handball team, contributing to their physical preparation for high-level competitions.

Aurelien Broussal-Derval

Physical trainer of Olympic champions: the French Weightlifting and Boxing teams, as well as the Russian and British judo teams. Aurélien Broussal Derval has been a physical trainer for high-level athletes for more than 20 years, but also the author of 9 bestsellers translated around the world and French references in terms of physical preparation. He has also been a professor of sports sciences in numerous French and European universities and director of training at the French Weightlifting Federation.

He had the chance to work with Olympic champions: the French Weightlifting and English Boxing teams, as well as the Russian and British judo teams.

To meet field needs in training programs and methods, it has offered online training as well as training programs since 2018, with more than 2,500 students trained to date.

Max Altenhoven

Max Altenhoven is a sports enthusiast. After playing football in a training center, he decides to leave the family cocoon and discover himself during his introspection. He then goes from being a “dirty kid” as he says, to a young Frenchman studying sport, science and physical training abroad. His travels and stages of life were real triggers. Max reveals to us the very important aspects that have built him today, with points that are linked as he likes to describe so well.

- Entrepreneur Founder & Director KNOW MINUT*
- Head of Athletic Performance
(FENIX Toulouse Handball & French W Rugby XIII).
- Professional Speaker & Trainer.

Paul Doroshenko

Sports physiotherapist, osteopath, physical trainer and tennis coach.
He was the first private physiotherapist on the professional tennis circuit in 1985.

His multidisciplinarity and his perfect knowledge of high-level sport have made him a true specialist in injury prevention and return to competition.
During 30 years on the WTA and ATP circuit, he followed many players and in particular Nathalie Tauziat, Guy Forget, Sergi Bruguera, Carlos Moya and Roger Federer. Author of numerous publications on pubalgia, electroneurostimulation and lateralities including “the dominant eye”, a successful book for tennis and football.
He left the professional ATP circuit in 2015 to transmit and develop neuromotor reprogramming protocols for Allyane in Lyon until 2019.

Football consultant, teacher in many Spanish universities, to date he develops and teaches neuromotor reprogramming in Spain and Latin American countries.

Raymond Veillette

Canadian coach in alpine skiing, US football and ice hockey

He started out with the Rouge et Or Athletics Club from 1988 to 1996, then in 2001, he was a physical trainer for the Rouge et Or football team at Laval University for more than 15 years. He then served as a PP for several professional athletes, in different disciplines such as hockey, football, cycling and several others. He also prepared several athletes identified by the National Institute of Sports (INS).

He is also a trainer for the “Training for Innovation and Intervention in Physical Preparation” diploma from the INS of Quebec and a lecturer in France for the university diploma in physical preparation at the Universities of Poitiers, Bordeaux and Lille.

Frank Ropers

Martial arts specialist and physical trainer, former high-level athlete

Coming from a disadvantaged family, Franck was confronted with the difficulties of the street and violence from the age of 6.

Born premature, with a weak physique (ectomorph), he understood very young that he had to work on his physical appearance and his mind to get by.

At 14, he joined INSEP (national sports structure for champions), and became a high-level athlete and won the title of French Athletics Champion.

Subsequently, he took up boxing and martial arts. He is today the highest ranking Frenchman in his discipline: 7th Dan black belt of Penchak Silat.

He has dedicated his entire life to optimizing performance, both physical and mental, and has coached many people in different areas.

Unable to cope with the growing demand for private lessons, he has decided to provide you today with a turnkey video method, so that everyone can have access to his knowledge.

Olivier Verraver

Monitoring athletes at the international level in tennis, field hockey, motocross, climbing, running. Monitoring of athletes at national level in swimming, golf, football, badminton.

Creation of www.neurotypologie.com

Continuing education trainer at the Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci

Move 2 Go Trainer

Founding Manager of Move2go

Founding Manager of Aquacorpus


2013 Dry needling - 4 p.m., Brussels

2012 EBOAS concept training (Optimal Biological Training & Specific Athlete Adaptations)

2011 Training on the treatment of Tendinopathies

2010 Running Injury Prevention Training

2009 Training in Training and Retraining after injury

2009 Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy

2009 Training in Physiotaping Therapy

2007 Training in Neuro-Dynamic Mobilization

2008 Osteo concepts applied to muscle chains

2003 Training in Diacutaneous Fibrolysis

2001 Global Postural Rehabilitation Training (RPG)

2000 Training in Manual Therapy according to Mr Sohier

1998Diploma in physiotherapy at Parnasse Deux Alice

Professional experiences

Monitoring athletes at international level in tennis, field hockey, motocross, climbing, running

Monitoring of athletes at national level in swimming, golf, football, badminton

Olivier Bourquin

Nutritional and physical coach, graduate in food, health and micro-nutrition, former federal coach of the Elite Swiss Olympic team

With a university education in physical preparation and nutrition, Olivier Bourquin was for several years head of physical preparation for the Swiss Tennis Federation.

His experience as a physical trainer for elite athletes and people wishing to improve their general fitness logically led him to become interested in the nutritional and micro-nutritional aspect, too often forgotten in the context of training and health.

He collaborates with many large companies, gives conferences and provides training abroad for various training organizations. He specialized in neuronutrition; by focusing on these famous chemical messengers that are neurotransmitters, he offers innovative solutions to feel efficient, healthy and above all happy!