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Come and discover the world of high-level training in an exceptional setting

Physical Trainers Seminar April 20 & 21 in Toulouse

Are you a sports coach, trainer, physical trainer, physiotherapist and are you always ready to train?

This is the opportunity of the year not to be missed!!! The opportunity to meet exciting people over 2 exceptional days at CREPS in Toulouse. Nathalie Buchet, Laurent Tiffounet, Pierre Dufraisse, Max Altenhoven and Greg Velu will be present to share their experience of high-level performance.

The objectives of these two days?

What are you coming with?
Surely a lot of questions and the most relevant of all: How can I make a difference (for my athletes, clients, patients but also compared to the competition)? Classical teaching too often isolates concepts in order to better understand a system... what if this was not the best approach for performance ?

A promise :
Understand performance in connection with the innovative approaches used by the experts of 2023!

What are you leaving with?
A more global, more precise Vision , pieces of a puzzle that fit together... Starting tomorrow, you will produce sessions with more meaning and will make your sessions evolve concretely .

How does it work on site?
It is a seminar under the sign of practice, exchange and kindness . You will be in a weight room and outdoor field, in group work, in moments of sharing with your peers (other participants and experts). In addition to allowing the fun and enjoyable side of the experience, you will leave with a real network of training enthusiasts... and a state of mind that you didn't even envisage when you arrived!

The course of the seminar:


9 a.m. Introduction by Greg Velu and collective discussions
10 a.m. Nathalie Buchet: “Comm processes to better support your athletes

12 p.m. Lunch (included)
2 p.m. Speed ​​Seating: network work and mutual aid

3:30 p.m. Laurent Tiffounet: Optimization of attention for performance”
6 p.m. end of first day


9 a.m. Collective exchanges
10 a.m. Pierre Dufraisse: “The use of cold to perform
12 p.m. lunch (included)
2 p.m. Network work and mutual aid
3:30 p.m. Maxime Altenhoven: “Physical preparation in Handball” in practice and discussions
6 p.m. end of the seminar, debriefing

As a bonus:

1) 1 access to the “neuromotor skills & performance” e-learning space allowing you to prepare for the intervention. The platform includes interventions by Mathieu Boule, Mathieu Bouchard, Adrien Chartier, Sébastien Zimmer and Greg Velu
2) Access to replays of seminar interventions
3) A WhatsApp support group between seminar participants, to consolidate the network and help take collective action!

Our speakers:

Nathalie Buchet

Mental Trainer supports Olympic champions

Laurent Tiffounet

Posturologist who supports Elite Athletes such as Hugo Gaston

Pierre Dufraisse

High Level Physical Trainer and founder of the Verisme TV channel

Max Altenhoven

Professional Handball Physical Trainer and founder of Knowminut

Greg Velu

Head of Mastermind and former NFL Coach (Miami Dolphins)

Reserve your days for April 20 and 21 and join us

€490 for two days*
*instead of €690 valid until March 10
payment in 4 installments without fees
*Refund possible up to 24 hours before the start of the event