Become a successful Online Coach!

SSCS Training Online Coaching SSCS Training and Loan Bouchet are joining forces to offer you a 3-month support program ( The Accelerator ) which allows ambitious sports coaches to build a professional online coaching business , increase their income to match their ambitions and increase their level of freedom.

Know that this program is made for you, even if you don't have technical knowledge of the internet, because Loan will show you everything, step by step.

Even if you don't necessarily have a huge audience on social networks, because few customers are enough to reach €5,000 per month!

Example: If you simply have 20 clients at 250 euros/month:
20x250 euros = 5000€/month.

This is what Jonathan did, in 45 days in the Program.

If you are looking for a method with rapid first results, know that you will obtain your first clients in less than 30 days thanks to the first phase of the “TREMPLIN” program.

    • 3 months of training

    • 6 training modules

    • Access to a private community

    • 100% no risk guarantee

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The objective of the support is to professionalize your business, increase your income to match your ambitions and increase your level of freedom , in the next 90 days.

Thanks to the Accelerator, you will be able to learn to:

  1. Attract qualified prospects continuously and predictably
  2. Create a relationship of trust with your prospects
  3. Convert your prospects into ideal clients without even having to sell yourself
  4. Deliver incredible experiences and results to your customers
  5. Retain your customers over the long term and generate growing and predictable revenue
  6. Build a real business at your service in which you are free of time and energy

For who ?

The Accelerator is for you if…

  • You are a sports coach or fitness professional
  • Have you already tried online coaching, without success?
  • You plateau in terms of income, time and energy
  • You want to increase your income via the internet & online coaching
  • You want to coach more clients
  • You want to have more freedom by working from your computer
  • You want to get started in online coaching but you have no strategy
  • You are motivated and ready to invest to succeed

The Accelerator is NOT for you if…

  • You are not yet qualified/certified
  • You have just graduated/certified and you still have no field experience, no clients
  • You are not ready to question your beliefs
  • You don't want to impact your customers' lives


Loan Bouchet

  • Founder of the program “The Accelerator, The Online Coaching School”, 2020
  • BPJEPS trainer, 2018
  • Founder of the “Club Privé – Online Trainers” program, 2017
  • Trainer in digital marketing specializing in sports coaching, 2017
  • Online Sports Coach & Entrepreneur since 2015

In a very short time, my school and I have supported more than 420 sports coaches in the creation, optimization and professionalization of their Online Coaching businesses!
By collecting successes, we have become leaders in support for Online Sports Coaches.

Detailed program

The heart of the program is to teach you how to implement the 6 fundamentals of the online coaching business:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Create a relationship of trust with your prospects
  3. Sales system
  4. Unique experience for your customers
  5. Recurring revenue
  6. Automated business

To get there, you will have access to:

  1. Our know-how : All the training content to implement your 6 fundamentals in your business will be delivered to you on a platter.

  2. Our support : The main pillar of the program is what will allow you to succeed! Every week you will have access to group coaching to answer all your questions about your business.

  3. The community : Moving forward in your own corner is good, but being supported by a whole community of coaches like you with the same desire to succeed is even better, and it’s even the assurance for you that you will never give up !

Finally, to allow you to implement your 6 fundamentals, without getting lost along the way, we have marked out the route in chronological stages. You'll always know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Module 1: Professionalizing your business
  • Definition of your Target market
  • Implementing your strategy
  • Professionalization of your social networks
  • Competition analysis
  • Creation of Visuals
Module 2: Create your community
  • How to build a fan community
  • The magic of social networks
  • Engage your community
  • Automate your online presence
  • 1000 True Fans Strategy
  • Sell ​​your program indirectly to your community
Module 3: Create your OFFER
  • Build your promise
  • Create curiosity about your offer
  • Define the pricing of your offer
  • Survey your offer to the market
  • The irresistible offer
  • First Sales
Module 4: Automate your Offer
  • Create your own Coaching platform
  • Session automation
  • Create your member area
  • Creation of your branding
  • Creating your Logo
  • Filming videos
Module 5: Creating your sales funnel
  • Understand the basics of a sales funnel
  • Creating your lead magnet
  • Create your own website in 1 hour
  • Creation of your email campaigns
  • Creating your payment pages
  • Recurring Payment Processor
Module 6: Continuous new customers
  • The 3 types of Traffic
  • Free Strategies
  • Paid Strategies
  • Understanding the basics of internet advertising
  • Installation of monitoring tools in 10 minutes
  • Creating your audiences
  • Creating your advertisements
  • Analysis and optimization after the first 10 sales
  • Sales scalability
  • Launching your first campaign

More information about the program

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Before the Accelerator : No clear strategy, not the right tools, clients from time to time, income that fluctuates every month, extremely busy days and constant stress...

After the Accelerator : A business on autopilot, the best tools on the market, new clients and a turnover that increases every month... You are zen, because you are part of the 1% of online success coaches .